The HLM3 Challenge Handbook

The Challenge Handbook aims to help young people and aspiring changemakers understand and address critical challenges faced by children. It describes effective social innovation approaches and also introduces the three challenge themes that will be part of the HLM3 Youth Innovation Challenge.

HLM3 Mentorship Weekly Learning Materials

The HLM3 Mentorship was delivered online. Participants were given the Weekly Learning Materials which consisted of readings and tasks that will guide them through the different phases of human- centred design – a key social innovation approach that participants used to develop and refine their solutions.

HLM3 Challenge Bootcamp Materials

The HLM3 Bootcamp held in Kuala Lumpur was focused on getting participants ideas to validate their solutions before pitching them to key stakeholders. Participants went through several frameworks and exercises that facilitated in identifying riskiest assumptions to validating their proposed initiatives.